• Elizabeth

Staying Fresh Allday

Sweat, sweat, sweat!

This was what embraced and embarrassed me in my first months of working. I would be on foot, knee, train, bus, everything you can think of for more than 10 hours straight with no break. Even though this was a lot, the “unfresh” scent I got from myself everyday was a lot more (calm down, I was not a walking stinky, thank God!) I have a very sensitive nose so I get disturbed by the smallest foul or harsh smell, I could also not depend completely on perfumes as I would get sneezy. I had to find ways to keep myself feeling fresh all day and I will share them here with you! 


I hope I am not alone on this table, but I used to think that my morning care routine would be sufficient for the whole day, that was wrong. Since I use a natural deodorant (for people with sensitive nose and skin) I needed to reapply. So wiping my armpits, neck, behind my ears and reapplying my deodorant and DIY body mist during the day made a huge difference.


These lovely items are available literally everywhere. From affordable and expensive brands to luxurious brands, perfumes are quite available. Opting for a more floral scent on a short workday or special event is perfect; On those workdays that seems endless, a fresh and minty scent would be perfect.


For my lovely sisters out there like myself reading this who have a sensitive nose, it can be a lot when buying perfumes. You will sneeze at the smell of the slightest spray making it harder to find a perfume that suits you. A quick fix is to make a perfume with oil or water as the base, mixing well with some of the essential oils that meet your fancy. It is important to wear this where you would normally wear your perfumes. Essential oils are natural and have less chemical irritants in them.


This is not only used in the morning as some people think but reapplying during the day is one of the many ways to optimize this wonder in a bottle. This helps you feel fresh (like you did in the morning) and help you stay fresh all through. There is this clean feeling that comes from using a mouth wash.


Some places of work have a shower room if this is available and neat enough to use, please take advantage of it to shower. If not, washing the face and neck would be enough; more so if with a menthol face gel or better still, add a few drops of essential oil (tea tree or lemon essential oil) into your choice gel and enjoy.

Now, these are the ways I employed that helped me in staying fresh during and after work hours. I hope you try some of these ideas and that you find one you can put into your routine!

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