• Abisola Olanrewaju

The Blessings of the Lord.

When someone says, ‘God bless you’ what does it mean to you?

Do you just say thank you and walk away, or say Amen to fulfill all righteousness? Do you know what is means to be blessed by God? It is saying that the God of heaven and earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that same God who created the universe, created you and I, may He increase you in all areas. How do you not shout the loudest Amen to that?

There are many people who are riding on the grace of God’s blessings and they are not even aware of it. An example, is the people of Israel. They enjoyed the blessings of God day and night, in all that they did, because of their association with Abraham, and they didn’t even know, they had to be reminded of who their God is (Exodus 3:13-15).

To bless means to prosper, to favour, to evoke successful outcome, to increase, to infuse divine abilities. This is what happens when God says ‘I bless you’ and it changes everything, when you receive and hold on to it.

When God blesses you, there ceases to be dryness around you, because He is with you, He attaches himself to you. Refuse to see the hindrances and problems, focus on God.

Learn to gather blessings, even if you are blessed a thousand times in a day, receive it a thousand times. Don’t commonize the blessings of the Lord.

It could be your parent, pastor, friend, family or even a stranger, whenever you are told God bless you, understand the value and receive it. Especially when it’s coming from someone who knows who they are; who recognizes that he or she is a priest and a king with God. Because the bible makes us understand that where word of a king is, there is power (Ecclesiastes 8:4 KJV). It also makes us know that the blessings of the Lord maketh the rich (Proverbs 10:22 KJV) , so rejoice! when you are blessed. You say to yourself 'I am the blessed of God!' and walk in the blessings that have been placed before you.

The word of God is filled with stories of men and women that were blessed by God. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, David, Solomon, Job, Esther, Mary the mother of Jesus, Deborah, the shunamite woman and many more.

Looking at the inspiring story of Abraham, we understand that Abraham was blessed of the Lord, and was made a blessing by God. The Lord appeared to Abraham and promised to bless him and make him great (Genesis 12:1-3 CEV).

When the Lord blessed Abraham, it didn’t matter how long it took before he could see it, God had blessed him and nothing could change it.

God’s blessings upon you are on a premium and have a set time for fulfillment. Don’t water down their effect upon your life or lose hope. As long as you believe and hold on to His words, you will remain preserved until you see the manifestation. God said to Abraham, “Do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield, your very great reward.” (Genesis 15:1) It’s what I meant when I said God has attached himself to you, He becomes your protection. The bible says Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness.

God told Abraham who was stricken in years, that his seed will be outnumbered, and he shall be the father of many nations, this is someone that had not bore one child to himself, look at all God is saying to Him. But against hope, Abraham believed in hope. God had said that all nations shall be blessed in him, and he held on to it. (Genesis 15:5; 17:1-9; 18:18).

How do you attract God’s attention to you and cause Him to bless you beyond?

The expression of your love for God through giving and your obedience to His instructions, commands His blessings, that no man can revoke. (Genesis 22)

Abraham was a man who God found in these things and God put all things before him. The Bible says; 'The Lord has blessed Abraham in all things'. What a record! Glory to God.

It wasn’t only Abraham who God commanded His blessings upon, there were so many. Study the lives of people that I mentioned, see the wonders God did in their midst. Ask yourself what have I done that will inspire God’s blessings in my life, how do I stand out, what level of faith do I have, what’s my understanding of the Grace of God upon my life, what value do I have for God and His blessings? These questions should probe your mind.

Why am I sharing this with you today?

I am sharing this because God wants you to know that if He could do it for all these ones, He can do it for you. He wants to bless and prosper you mightily, believe and trust Him, receive His blessings wholeheartedly and become a blessing to those around you.

‘God bless you’ aren’t just mere words, they living words which possess the power to create.