The 'Euangelion' (Gospel)

The world is in chaos. Wars and rumors of wars everywhere. Conflicts among nations and conflicts among families. Marriages break up, children lose parents, economies of nations crashing plus death! The scourge of death, the fear of death, and then even when one dies, what next?

When Jesus walked this world as a human. He experienced life as we do today. He had quite a full human experience, with the wars, crumbling economies, being an immigrant in Egypt, being on the run from his enemies, and Yes! death. The amazing thing was when He resurrected He gave an interesting instruction to anyone who would believe in Him and that is; tell the good news. Tell them I'm alive! More than the news of His resurrection, is what is meant for the world, which is that as a result of His resurrection anyone who believes will never have to be subject to the decay in the world.

The good news is that because Jesus is king and He resurrected from the dead anyone who believes can be a part of His kingdom and never have to suffer again.

Well, it doesn't make sense logically because the kingdom isn't exactly a physical country you get a visa to, and plus Jesus did resurrect but nothing much changed in the world. The beauty of the Gospel (Euangelion) of the Kingdom of Jesus is that it's within those who believe.

It's unseen today but it's real to the one who believes. No one has to suffer, no one has to be in pain and misery, no one has to die (eternal separation from God). If you have the kingdom within you, you experience peace, joy, love, and plus strength to face the problems of this world with hope, with faith, and with the solution.

You become a 'heaven on earth'!

Preaching this Gospel is more than an obligation. It's the logical thing to do by anyone who has believed it and experienced it. This is the good news. Anything that brings fear is not the Gospel, that is not Euangelion which Jesus told us to preach. It's difficult to not be excited about good news.

So let's tell the good news as it is, good news!