• Abisola Olanrewaju

The Higher Life of Grace.

Grace is a gift we all received freely through our divine connection with Jesus and it is activated through our knowledge, understanding and consciousness of Him, Romans 3:24.

Grace is our consistent sufficiency to live above this world, 2 Corinthians 12:9. It changes your mindset, it renews both your inner-man and outward man unto perfection. Your life is built through the word of God’s Grace; financially, emotionally, physically, health-wise etc. This simply means that when you recognize and activate the Grace of God in your life, your finances start to take a divine growth, upward and forward forever, because the divine principles start to automatically apply. It also doesn’t matter what’s been going on in your life, how down-trodden you’ve felt, God’s Grace gives to you peace that passeth all understanding, and the holy spirit guides you on how to get out of that situation through the Word of God. You can’t have sickness growing in your body anymore, because you understand that Christ died for you to make you whole, so the devil can’t deceive you, you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth your divine healing that was paid for a long time ago to activate it.

Grace brings Joy, Upliftment, Peace, Wealth, Wisdom, Health etc. The Grace of God emboldens you, you become confident, you become tough, There’s nothing that’s formed against you that can prosper because you live a life of Grace - a life of endless victories!

Grace - a gift, was freely given to us when Jesus Christ died for us on the cross. You don’t have to do anything to obtain His Grace, simply believe that He came to die for you, and confess that He’s the Lord and saviour of your life, and recognize that His death was not in vain but rather it gave to you the Life of Grace, Romans 5:17. Once you’re conscious of this every single day, it directs you in that light. You begin to find things working differently for you, and once you do, celebrate it. The more you celebrate the Grace of God in your life, the more it grows into a higher dimension and creates for you a higher life environment, James 4:6.

It is very important you activate the Grace of God in your life, and not only activate it but grow in it.

A man that lives without Grace is like a man on the battlefield, weaponless, and that’s a dangerous move. Such a man is unable to protect himself, but if you’re fully armoured with the knowledge of the Grace at work in your life, it doesn’t matter how strong the wind is, you’re like a house that is built on a solid foundation, nothing moves you. You are simply protected and preserved through grace. You create a new environment for yourself, where you’re always on top of things, living life from the mountain top. Isn’t that amazing!

We live in a world where there are countless downturns. Each day, there’s a new challenge or problem, devastating news dampening the lives and minds of people. Which programs the world to think, see, and live in a certain way, but there’s a World, where the principle of Grace applies. These kind of people are always unperturbed as they move on the Higher Life Wave. They might see what is happening in the other world but they are unaffected by it, this is their testimony: Job 22:29;

“When you are cast down and humbled, you will speak with confidence, saying there's a lifting up, And the humble person He will lift up and save.”

This life does not apply because you have performed the greatest works, Ephesians 2:8-9. It is simply the Grace-mentality that puts you on a Higher life scale. Learning to trust God with your life and bank on His words.

What is truly amazing is the fact that it is an automatic setting, as long as you’ve got Jesus, His Grace will forever be sufficient for you and your life will be upward and forward forever and ever, no matter what happens because the word of His grace guarantees your the victory and puts you over and above all circumstances in life.

This life of Grace makes you special and causes you to shine as Lights to your world. The wise thing to do is to influence and impact your world, be the Jesus that they see. If you have gifts, talents and skills that you have been blessed with, use it to tell the world about Jesus and this awesome life of Grace he has given to us, 1 peter 4:10, Acts 6:8. Hallelujah!

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