The Imperfect Judge

I had an interesting experience one Time. I was in the consulting room with 'my chief' (a senior medical doctor to myself). He had seen several patients already that day and particularly good at quick consultations all the while still making the period of consultation satisfying to each patient (a very good skill). When he had finished the last set of case files brought to him at that time, a young lady walked in. She had come in with some test results to show another doctor but he was not in the office, so she ended up being seen by my chief. As they conversed, I could pick what was happening already.

She had presented with symptoms that were perfectly fitting the picture of young promiscuous lady finally pregnant.

At least that's what kept ringing in my head. I thought he would order for a pregnancy test. Like that would be the climax for me if I was the one seeing that lady. Then of course following that would be a good lecture on the dangers of having multiple sexual partners. To my surprise, after asking her like twice if she was pregnant. He went ahead to say he believed her reply which was negative by the way.

They would go on from there to have an encouraging conversation on career paths. I was just broken at that moment cause I had judged the lady before I knew her. The point wasn't if she was a pregnant teen or not, it was more about trust and a relationship that the good doctor had developed with his patient.

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.

Matthew 7:1



"He will judge everyone according to what they have done."

Romans 2:6


What destroys relationships and people working together is "suspicion". The thought that the other person is the problem or is out for your destruction. I do know that 'to be forewarned is to be for armed' and yes! people can be quite fishy.

But I also know the power of relationships; a connection between people built on trust without an ounce of judgment against the other party. Learning to trust and also believing in people is something I want to have, keep, and never lose. As much as the idea that one might be taken advantage of is a fact, I trust the all-seeing eyes of God who knows the hearts of all men and will steer me away from the wrong company. So I leave the judging to him.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding."

Proverbs 3:5


It hurts to label people wrongly and ends up shocked at the content of their character. It hurts to lose a brother/sister over an idea that ended up being a fallacy. It hurts!