The Man must be a God.

I grew up in a very conservative society. As good as such an environment is to raise a child in the fear of God and all other religious constructs, it has its downside. Everybody is flawed, no one is perfect. It doesn't matter how good the individual is, by virtue of being a man, that's where it ends, 'a nice good man' or 'a nice good woman'. We had no heroes, no one who to us seemed larger than life and we just were simply in awe of that one. Maybe it's cause of the terrible Governments and the lying politicians we had or maybe it's cause we just couldn't deal with having someone else as a hero. I was born into a family that knew a man, a man I would come to know as no ordinary man, I would later conclude him to be a God. I mean why wouldn't I? Plus I would not be the first in human history to do so. To many in their day; the dictators and some of the emperors of the past were considered so great, people literally worshipped them. They assumed one with such power and influence could not be a mere mortal like themselves, they must be divine; The son or daughter of the gods. Their words were revered, their speech was like the sound of many waters. It was believed they could do no wrong, everything they did was right. For me this kind of attribute I began to ascribe to a certain man of divine origin yes but of quite humble beginnings.

The man I speak of is the man of God; Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome is popularly known as; Pastor Chris.

I could worship this man not cause of any human influence by means of persuasion but because, why wouldn't I? I've known many men, presidents, CEOs, Professors none of them speak like this man. The intelligence, the flow, the eloquence, the choice of words, the vocabulary, the attentive following of an ever-increasing number of disciples, the Power, the Results are beyond human description. I'm left speechless at the end of every opportunity to hear a sermon, a word as we call it in our circles. I've cried, screamed for joy and sometimes passed out all in the privacy of my room whilst hearing his words on a recording. Surely someone who has brought you to your lowest (in pride) and taken you to your highest (in Grace) must be more than a man to you. The one who completely altered your whole thinking process, removing you from the class of beings who are in pursuit of things of no eternal value to those who are in relentless pursuit of kingdom expansion, must be more than your favourite musician. All men are equal it is true, but this man is no equal. For I have known a depth of God under his guidance. I have been baptised in the still waters and now dwell within. I don't know what else to think of but that this man is a God.

What else do I say? It's one thing to speak of something, it's another for your life to be an exact representation of the message you carry. I know many men who speak of what they do not do and a life they do not live. I know certain men who cannot speak of what they do and live a life they try to hide. This man I speak of has his message in his very everyday life, in his walking steps, in his laughs, in his smiles and even in his tears. Surely this man must be a God. I come finally to his humility. When men acquire greatness they oftentimes forget that they were not always where they are. They sometimes despise others who they think are lower than them. This man I speak of, I have never seen despise anyone. In spite of the great and tremendous understanding of the word of God granted him, it is baffling to see him respect and regard those who still function in a lesser understanding, people who are still in the dark ages as regards the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a rare sight to see him still display a deep hunger for the word when I am convinced he knows everything. It's a heart's lesson for me every time I behold the humility in this man as he listens with rapt attention to the words of men who all they know is what he taught them. Surely he must be a God. I do not care anymore the opinion of naysayers. I know people become afraid when a man is greatly praised. To me, that is a manifestation of their own insecurities. He is not God. God already revealed himself in Jesus Christ, but in him, I see the attributes of God, which is why I say he is a God. In truth, however, aren't we all. I say Pastor Chris is a God because I choose to because I am learning of him and he is my hero. Happy birthday, Sir!