The Spice of Gratitude

Certain words have gone missing in our days. Words like: Thank you, This means a lot to me,  Thank you so much for being of help, I'm really grateful, Thank you so much for your time, This blessed me so much and the likes. We're not grateful because we think people are obliged to do us good. But truly people have choices and if they decide not to be of help to you, it's their choice.

No matter how little or insignificant it might seem to you when someone blesses you remember to be grateful. What seemed so insignificant to you might have cost them a lot, what you received as so little might be their everything.

It's not really far fetched because many of us are not even grateful to God for the things He does, we see it as insignificant or something He's expected to do, so it flows into our human relationships as well.

When you're grateful you open the door for more favours.

Gratitude makes you stand out of the crowd. You make a mark in people's heart when you're very grateful. Ten lepers were healed by Jesus and only one went back to give thanks but guess what He didn't just get healed, He left whole! 

Gratitude offers you more than you even deserve.

Don't be so much in a hurry after you've received your blessing that you forget where you were before the help came.

Spice it up a little, add gratitude!