• Elizabeth

Time For Me

The home for most people, is a place of rest; for others, it is not. From home offices to living together, the home “a place of rest” is being lost. Not the building of course but the joy, rest, happiness and the comfort which exudes from the space. When living alone, this space can retain its value to a higher degree but living with others especially as a young adult can be straining. So how can you make time for yourself even in the midst of a homely chaos? These tips we will be discussing below! Tip 1: STAYING OUT LONGER

Quietness and space are things of high value to me. All these changed when I travelled to a new country. I had to live with people i wasn't familiar with at the time and this was not easy for me. Staying out longer, was my go to for quietness and time for myself. From the library to parks to restaurants with a very high and beautiful view (whenever I felt like eating out) and so on, I was able to get the quietness I needed. Tip 2: PUT OFF THE PHONE

Sometimes, what really deprives us of that comfort and quietness we need is actually in our own hands. Our phones!!! We all know that feeling that pulls us into our phones. From one post on Instagram to the full video on YouTube and then a recommended one until you are 2 or 3 hours surfing the internet. Put off the phone for a designated time and watch your peace, quietness and sanity return. Tip 3: RISE EARLY

This is one of the best options if you live with someone. Rising early helps you get started for the day before your partner. You have time for yourself; from studying to praying to meditation, these hours are usually very quiet and it’s just perfect for the purpose. Tip 4: MORNING WALKS OR RUN

Take for instance someone rises before you or you just cannot bring yourself to rising early probably because you had a late night, taking a morning walk or even a run is the next best option. You can speak to yourself or listen to a podcast while on the go or just simply let your mind wander while feeling the cool morning breeze blow past your face. Tip 5: FRIENDLY HOME

If some or all of these are a bit difficult to achieve because of a really busy schedule, then making your home friendly would be next. From open windows to plants, flowers, home scents, music and so on, these effects can be added to improve the aura of the home making it more homely, free and habitable. Having quiet time and meditating in here will not be hard to achieve. I hope all or one of these will be able to help you in creating time for yourself. Stay Blessed!

Photo credit by @misstarasun