Tips on growing a Christian brand

Growing a 'Christian business' has the same structure as a 'non-Christian business'. The systems, structures, procedures of retaining new clients and managing current clients, marketing, are all the same.

However, whether you are a Christian who doesn’t bring it into business publicly, or you are like myself, a Christian who does; your main edge is that you have a silent partner.

'A partner' that has the pull in your business, a partner that gives you an edge, something your competitors don’t have. You have God! You have the Holy Spirit! You are not doing this alone.

Here are are few tips on growing a Christian business:

Tip 1: Know your audience and who you are speaking to.

I have all of my clients write out who their exact muse or target market is. You need to know who you are speaking to when you are talking about your business. Having a niche client/ideal client will help you hone in and speak directly to them.

Tip 2: Understand the language you are using.

Professional language is key when growing a Christian business. By knowing who you are speaking to you, you will know the type of professional language to use with them. When it is proper to bring in Bible verses, when to bring God in (if appropriate), how to connect with them using their language.

Tip 3: Be unashamed and unapologetic.

Your faith is not a bandwagon option when it comes to having a Christian business. As business owners we know people will disagree with us, we know not everyone will choose our services or like our opinions and truth, but that does not mean you sway from it. Know what you stand for in your business and stick with it.

Tip 4: Relatable content.

Your story is important. People work with those that they know, like and trust. Being authentic and having relatable content to connect with your audience is key.

God is the key to growing a Christian business!

Pray before every phone call, pray before every meeting, every contract sent out, every post made, every podcast or blog going out into the world.

God is our provider and protector. Being our silent partner, He will take on the burdens, He will give you the wisdom and knowledge on when to move or hold and how to strategize.