Tips On How To Maximize Your Study Time

Hey guys! Who missed me? I know, I know, I missed me too. 

I sincerely apologize for not posting for so long. I have been so busy with school, and the workload has been overwhelming. 

Anyways as a result of the excessive workload, I’m currently dealing with, I have learned a lot amazing study tips that I’m super excited to share with you. I hope you like them. 

1.) Organization and time planning:

Organization and time planning is very important for every student. 

-You should have a daily routine, to guide you through the day. You may not be 100% consistent, but at least 90% will do. 

-A study timetable; most people like to make study timetables that are constant, while this is very easy to keep up with, most people, myself included find it hard to stick to fixed study timetables mostly because of how their study mood changes or that there are times that some courses become more important than others, this is very okay, you just have to ensure that no course is abandoned and that you don’t focus on one course.

-Set your properties straight. Don’t waste time on bulky courses with low units, they are not worth it and you’ll end up wasting your time on the least important thing when you have more important courses that are probably even less bulky.

2.) Know your study style:

This is just you understanding the environments and time of the day that is most conducive for you to study. It might be the little things that slow your studying down (For example; scattered environments, cold rooms, etc) 

It’s possible your environment is very okay and it’s your source of information; some people study better with their computers, some with textbooks, some videos, some people prefer to print their notes out and jot on them. Find what you like. 

3.)Study group meetings:

Study groups are actually needed. I didn’t understand the benefits of study groups until last year.

Benefits of study groups: 

-You get to share resources with people. This is very important cause you can’t get all the information you need on your own 

-You get to meet people and ask questions.


-It helps you keep track of how much everyone is studying and it will help you know if you need to put in more effort or if you’re okay. 

4.)Past questions and knowing what answers your lecturers want:

This is where knowing people in the class ahead pays off. You need to practice past questions and also find out how your lecturers like their questions to be answered. 

This will really help you to know how much or how little you need to study. 

5.) Take breaks:

When you’re studying you need breaks. You can decide to see a video on the topic when you’re studying, grab a bite or see short movies ( Friends, Modern Family and Blackish are my top picks).

6.) Stay positive:

You need to believe that when you study you won’t forget and that you would lack no information when you need it. 

A positive mindset = A positive outcome 

7.) Sharing your gathered information: 

Don’t keep information that you know others are searching for to yourself, always share. 

I hope you love these tips and you try them. 

Sincerely Davilanda.