Waiting for Mr Right.

I’m already in love with someone I haven’t met and I sincerely can’t get it. I’m super excited about the man God is bringing me to. I literally can’t stay calm. I’m all excited and looking out like “God I’m already ready now!”. I’m wondering what being in a relationship would be like; meeting your own kind, planning the future together, ‘gisting’ into the night, holy-hugs and cuddles, holy-kisses (cheeks and forehead alone!), agreements and disagreements, friendship, pillow fights, gifts and surprises, walking through weakness to find strength, the unveiling of the unexpected, butterflies in our bellies, doubts about whether we can continue the relationship, pretending to be angry just to get attention, purposely calling and saying it was a mistake, stalking social media pages, playing games together even if I may not have any interest, counting days to our wedding night and lots to come. Yeah brethren, also doing the spiritual together.

If you’ve been single for long, you’d understand what it means. You’ve fought every temptation possible and the state of your heart is like a wife looking through a window for her man that went on a journey and you’re literally like, “God, I’m ready, ready already ready”. You’ve gotten in and out of patience. You’ve waited on your “waiting word”. You’ve said ‘relationship’ isn’t it and gone to do other things and now you’re back. You’ve fallen in love with your best Male friends but you had to give yourself a dose of emotion control pills. You’ve talked yourself out of falling in love with James, Kola, Olamide and George. You’ve been on Bella Naija weddings every day, saved screenshots of all the “aso-ebis” and downloaded the different videos of the bridal dances and first kisses. You’ve crushed, uncrushed and “re-crushed” but this particular guy you’re waiting for is not coming. If you’re like me, you’ve written poems and you’ve finished your ink “to my bright knight in white Agbada”. You’ve attended all the relationship seminars in town, and you’ve been praying! But where exactly is this guy? We’ve made mistakes in waiting, gotten fagged out in waiting. Next thing, your mum goes, “Pelumi, did you see Tolu’s aso-ebi? May God bring your husband too o.”

Hey, waiting didn’t start from us. We might not be sure of all the events or pressures of waiting but the Bible made us sure of the end of the waiting process. I might not be able to tell you of when the wait would end but I know it would end. Maybe one day when you’re not too conscious of it or even expecting it.

So here’s Rebecca riding on the camel’s back. She’s not even sure of this guy she’s going to meet. “Would he be short or tall? Would he be an introvert or extrovert? Fair or dark? Would he love me without holding back? Would the wait be worth it? Would we sync?” Maybe she had several choices but the only choice she had now was to fall in love with this man God is bringing her to. There she was on the camel’s back and she noticed a man from a distance with his head bent in meditation. Her heart is beating faster now and she’s trying to believe that the long wait is finally coming to an end. All that matters is that she’d be in love with this man all through her life. It doesn’t really matter what others say. She might have been in a relationship or even fallen in love before but this was different. “Now, there’s someone I can give my heart to and share my thoughts with, a friend who would remind me of who God is to me, someone who would love me through my weakness to find my strength, the Isaac to my Rebecca”. Tears dropped from her eyes because the wait was worth it. Keeping herself from various temptations was worth it. Saying no despite feelings was worth it. Building herself and growing in character was worth it. Other girls would go to secret places with the Amalekites and Egyptians but she was there waiting and wondering if waiting really pays because there’s no tip for this kind of waiting but she had to trust in Yahweh to bring her through. It’s possible she even made mistakes but here she was, standing right in front of her lover. She suddenly felt she had known him all her life. There was a divine knitting of the heart because God is the perfect match-maker. A flash quickly swept across her mind, dreams actually come through. Isaac was a cumulation of all she had ever wanted in a man and so much more. As they moved towards Isaac, she quickly covered her face. “Would he like me? Would he receive me? What if he had more expectations? Would I be beautiful to Him?”

As they approached Isaac, he finally looked up. “The camels are here”. He had to maintain His composure as a man but he really couldn’t keep the excitement. What’s behind the veil doesn’t seem to matter as much as what Yahweh had told him in his meditation. He understood the creative ability he had as a man and He knew he could make anything out of what God gives Him.

“Hi, my name is Isaac, son of Abraham. Hope your journey was safe? I’m glad you’re here.” Her heart melted at His poise. She lost her words and only tears of joy dropped. She tried to fight it as even Isaac’s voice was a confirmation of all God had told her and in her heart, she said, “I’m going to stay in love with this guy all the days of my life, I’d nurture Him to strength if he gets weak and I’d show him a dimension of love he has never seen before.” She finally replied with excitement, “Thank you, Isaac, I had such a great Journey, thanks to uncle. I’m Rebecca.” And we know the rest of the story, they lived happily ever after. (Genesis 24)

Okay, so back to us, I was sharing my heart with you on how it would end well! Don’t put yourself under pressure. You have to be whole for the man coming to find you. Don’t wait without a word. Go to Yahweh, receive a word and wait in joy because God can’t lie. Don’t be idle while waiting, the essence of your life is not to “wait” for a man to come to pick you up, relationships are beautiful but gosh there are a billion other things you could be doing. Enjoy your singleness and harness every possibility you can. We would talk more on this soon.