We Asked Christians How They Know It Is God Talking To Them.

A lot of the times most Christians, especially when they are very green in their walk with God, don't know how to listen to God. We decided to ask a couple of Christians, "How you know it's God talking to you?"

Here's what they said:

Christian 1:

God is always speaking to me, and I know it's Him cause it aligns with His word and it glorifies Jesus. A book titled "7 Steps to Judging Prophecy" by Kenneth Hagin, might be of help in understanding what God inspires in man. The book "The Power of Your Mind" by Pastor Chris, helps you filter your mind to make it the right avenue to hear God. If your mind is too noisy you can not hear God, you have to quiet your mind. The important thing is to know when He is speaking, God speaks to me through my Pastors, friends, books, sermons, etc, and because I have studied the word, I know Who is speaking to me.

Christian 2:

When I’m reading the Bible or a still prompting based on what I have read, it’s not in a haste, and it never has an ultimatum. I usually know it's Him and not myself when it is centred around Him, to bring Him glory.

Christian 3:

I hear God talking to me most times through his word that has been premeditated on. That's why you have to always spend time listening to and studying God's word because it's those scriptures that He brings to your mind most times when He wants to guide you into something. Other times (special times) you hear Him clearly telling you things that are very specific maybe to your future or about someone else. Constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit helps you to be greatly tuned to always hear from God this way.

Christian 4:

As a Christian, first of all, you have the Spirit of God in you so when God speaks to you whether, through someone or a passage or a voice in your spirit, the Spirit of God will bear witness with what you heard or perceived that it's either from God or not. That's why we have the Holy Spirit.

Christian 5:

God has different ways of speaking to each and every one of us. When God speaks to me particular it comes with confirmation from His scripture and a conviction in my Spirit, most times He shows me visions.

Christian 6:

Whatever the instruction, it always agrees with the word. It is never condemning, rather it convicts and then offers a way out. It inspires unto good works. It has been tested and trusted. I've learnt over time to distinguish His leading and I've seen what He led on or spoke of actually come to pass. It is never forceful, it gradually encourages. It (the voice, the knowing, the intuition).

Christian 7: Well for one there is an inner witness. The Bible says in John 10:27, "my sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me", It's like being blindfolded and your mom speaks you just know she is the one speaking. Also when God speaks it's always geared towards my progress, growth, victory you know. He always speaks in line with His word, it is never something that's off. Another thing is when God speaks it's never condemning He speaks and when He is done you just feel strengthened, you don't lose strength when He speaks rather, you see visions. Finally, I know it's God speaking by faith. The life of a Christian is a life of faith, so when I hear, I know by faith it's God.

Christian 8:

The first thing is to be conscious that He’s always talking to you even right now He’s saying something, so your spirit has to be always ready to listen to instructions He has for you at every particular time. Let’s get this right. He isn’t going to scream so we will know that this has to be God, the rain will not fall, the heavens will not fall as well but there’s going to be this inward witness -the prompting to do, to listen (through the Holy Spirit of God).

Christian 9:

For me, it happens in the form of repetitions. I get the same message repeatedly throughout my day in different forms, I could wake up thinking about it, pick up my Bible and read about it, go through my day and somehow that same message comes back to me or when I am watching a sermon. I also feel the message strongly in my spirit as well.

God is always speaking to us just sometimes not in the ways we are expecting or waiting for, so we ought to stay open.

Christian 10:

If it is in accordance with Galatians 5: 22-23, and the wisdom of God is communicated and you are encouraged, then it is God.

'But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. '

Galatians 5:22-23.