• Abisola Olanrewaju

What's More Important?

One would describe the word "Important" as having great significance or value. In the world we live in, we find people attach value to various things around them, even things they hope to acquire or become. For instance, Man wants to see himself making progress, and for this to happen he sets out with a plan or strategy. Every man on earth has a goal he wants to achieve alas, there’s always a sense of direction, no matter the end destination. Man’s always on the move.

A life without direction is a life without purpose, a life without meaning, one without value, and no human on earth truly want to live this sort of life. This is why you find people all over the world toiling day and night to achieve something, to finally have a sense of fulfillment.

Several people are too busy, busy thinking about what their future would look like, what they want to become, how they will finally achieve those goals they have set for themselves. Even a little girl or a little boy already has a dream or an imagination of what she or he wants to become in life. But what’s more important? What should truly be your focus in life? In the midst of the purpose-searching and goal-fulfilling world, what truly matters?

These are questions every human must ask him or herself as they journey on, and they must indeed find the answer. Without an answer, every dream, every goal, every hard-work put in, is all vanity upon vanity. There is something called eternal value, which every plan on earth must possess, but many neither understand nor know this.

What is Eternal value? Simply put, “eternal value gives everything it’s attached to, the ability to never die, but to live longer than time itself.” For one to ensure that their goals and plans possess this, they need the eternal guide, which you find in Jesus, His words, and the Holy Spirit. Gaining the entire world is not all there is, a blessed man once said: “There’s nothing in this world that you are going to own, that was not already here, why not live your life for God?”.

There’s something greater and extraordinary, something bigger than possessing the best luxuries in town, and that is your SOUL. Your inner man. Mark 8:36 The growth and preservation of one’s soul is very important because there’s a world greater than this world, where all these luxuries won’t count or matter, instead, they’ll be wrapped up and thrown to burn in the flaming fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matthew 13:50

What’s the essence of longing so much for something that will last only but a time? Is it really worth it? But there’s a way to ensure that every work carried out on this earth can last longer than time itself. You may be wondering, how is this possible? It’s pretty simple, do you recognize God and His words? Do you understand that life is spiritual and to truly live, one must live from his or her spirit?

Now if you haven’t given your life to Christ, all these may sound strange to you because it is through your acceptance and belief in Jesus Christ, that the Holy Spirit becomes real to you and honestly, “people without the holy spirit do not know truth” and this is why they are unable to realize what is more important. But the time where people would easily give excuses, play ignorant, or rather be asleep is completely over. It is time to wake up to what is more important, and this you can do by knowing God for yourself, serving him wholeheartedly, and listening to what He is telling you because God is always talking. The Holy Spirit in you will receive every information, pay attention to your spirit, live from your spirit. Find out your purpose and fulfill it, no man came to this world without a purpose and this is why the life of everyone has value and meaning but you are the one that possesses the power to kindle the fire. You must recognize that you are not your own, you were bought with a price.

"For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."

1 Corinthians 6:20


Don’t let the world carry you in their stream, the world wasn’t always like this. Don’t find yourself moving with the wind or with the trend of the world because all these things shall be destroyed. The questions that should guide you to all that is more important. How prepared am I for the coming of the Lord? What’s my relationship with God like today? are my spiritual eyes opened? Do I live from my spirit? Do I operate solely with my brain? Do I know what God is saying to me? How often do I study the word of God? Do my friends, family, and acquaintances know about Jesus? Are they living right? Does God mean more than this world to me?

I pray for you that the eyes of your spirit be opened so that you can comprehend these things and live above this world, fulfilling what is more important. God bless you!