What's Your Vision?

Being young is one of the best stages in life. It’s a vibrant, exciting and unique stage of life. It’s also a defining stage that defines who you are and what you will be for life. It’s a stage that can frame your future in a direction.

As a young person you must know and understand your direction in life. The direction in which you start as a young person is the direction in which you will finish.

You must understand your role and play it. You must understand why you came to this world. You must discover your purpose and fulfill it. You must understand the reason for your living and decide what you want to achieve in life. You didn’t come to waste any time in life. Neither are you a mistake.

So with this, it is important for every young person to be able to answer the question: What is my vision?

What do you see when you look at your life?

Where are you going to?

What direction is your life headed and what will be the purpose of it?

You must have a vision for life. You must have a destination you’re headed towards and it’s way beyond the material things or substances. If they’re not tied to your eternal purpose then they will surely perish.

Life is not about how much money you make or the fame or the achievements. If there is no purpose behind it then there is no point of it at all.

You must have a lasting vision. A man with a vision has a reason for living. A man with a vision has a destination to reach. A man with a vision has a purpose to fulfill.

So today I challenge you to discover your vision for life. Discover your purpose for living. Discover your reason for being.

Discover it in God. He’s the one who made you. He’s the only one who knows your specific purpose and role to fulfill. Discover Jesus today. He’s the one who died to give you life. In Him, you’ll discover who you are, why you’re here and where you’re going.

In Him, you’ll discover your vision for life.

Don’t wait any longer. Start fulfilling your purpose today.

God bless you.