Where Do You Live?

One said there are three kinds of lands where people live.

The first is The Land of Not Enough. This is where many find themselves, it’s a place where there’s little or nothing, where one is unable to even help himself/herself. The language spoken here is also that of inabilities, people who live here are awakened to their incapacities and as such think of themselves as people being disadvantaged. Poverty defines those who live here. Poverty is not just the absence of required necessities and means but, a state of their minds.

The second is The Land of Barely Enough. This is where the so-called “middle class” live. This is actually a land of poverty in disguise. The well-decorated poor men live here. Those who live here never make a lasting impact. It is also a land full of critics, usually blaming others for their inabilities.

The third is The Land of More Than Enough. Amazingly only a few individuals live here. For others it’s a place of luck, others think is a land of sinners. Many think one must do something wrong to get here. This is also a land that has more than enough space for everyone, yet only a few live here.

Pastor Chris added a fourth one which is The Land of Over and Above. This is where the Christian is given birth too. It’s a realm beyond where mere men live. It’s a land of abundance. Here you are fully equipped for impact. You live a life of power, purpose and plenty. Here, the circumstances and events of life are subject to you, you become a master over them. The influence and wealth here are beyond what any human mind can imagine. Just think that the first down payment in this land is the gift of the Spirit.

Some people admire others who are said to be born with a golden spoon. Here, we are talking about being born with an inheritance of inexhaustible wealth and incalculable riches. This is the land where royalty lives, every citizen is a king-priest.

It doesn’t matter where you live now you can change location. I call on you to join me in the best land one can live. It’s called CHRIST.

All these lands have their various rules and principles that they live by. Hopefully, we shall be talking about the principles and rules that govern our land IN CHRIST.