• Elizabeth

Where Is Your Trust?

Scripture says,

"Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore."

Psalm 125:1-2

So I was in 4th year in the university, I had signed up for a mass evangelism in church and this day happened to be a Saturday. I went on and preached the word of God I knew (which I understand differently now, all thanks to the Heavenly Father) to as many people that agreed to listen to me. I walked into a shop and met a young man; I shared the words of God with him and he just kept staring at me.

I began to feel uncomfortable as the silence grew that I started to think I was wasting my time with this person. After spending 20 minutes with him, this man still had not uttered a single word, then I had to ask “Brother, is everything ok?” he replied saying “Yes, but I have a message for you” from then on, I was the one being preached to. After a long conversation of him mostly speaking, he said: you will be faced with two options soon please be sure to make the right choice. I asked him, what is the right choice? And he said, “the right one”(I literally laughed in my mind as to the utter confusion this man was causing me).  I started to panic and fret over the choice I would make that I did not realize that just some few weeks later, those options came and there was no wisdom to decide or rather, I could not identify the wisdom was there. I trusted God and made a choice. That choice has brought about a series of experiences but these experiences have all led me to this perfect time of my life. A time where I am so glad and content with what is next. A time where peace is all I feel at the thought of my fast approaching “future”.  

For no other reason than because it is in the hands of someone I trusted in and still trust completely. And because of this, I experience peace, do what I have to do, and place all my trust in him.  I know that the one I trust in has led me so far is leading me at the moment and will lead me in the future because I trust and have faith in Him and His plans for me. It is His plan for me that matters, nothing else. The end of the road is not here, but I trust Him. That HIM is the Heavenly Father.

Who do you trust in?

Where is your trust?

Are you hoping that somewhere somehow a man would show up and solve everything for you? Cause remember, "God is your source, men are only channels."

I challenge you today to take whatever situation you are facing to the Lord in prayer. He hears you and He would surely answer you and transform your that situation to favor you in accordance to His will.

I pray for you today that your Spirit is full of peace no matter what, that you are granted the ability to raise the banner of God and of faith in the midst of trials. I declare that your strength is renewed and you faint not and are able to stand strong in prayers in Jesus name. Amen.