Why You Don't Have to Cry in Worship.

When we sing to the Lord, It's an amazing experience. The songs that He has richly blessed us with through musical ministers all over the world are a great gift. Without these songs, how could we ever express to the Lord how we feel about His greatness, His love, His sacrifice, His mercy and awesome kindness. I thank God for every song that has helped me come into my place of worship to the saviour of my soul. I thank God for the artists themselves too. With all of that said, I find that there is a huge misunderstanding as to what God really wants in worship or better still what makes worship, worship. Not in terms of the lyrics but our attitude in worship. There are Christians who when they begin to sing cannot hold back the tears in their eyes, it just comes out. It's however uninspiring to see that some take so much pride in it like that is the most glorious part of worship. Then we have those who never have these moments of 'tearing up' whilst singing to God. Infact on the outside, it seems as though they are not moved at all by what is going on. This is not cause they appear distracted but cause they are not swinging their heads from side to side neither are they are frowning or smiling. They have their hands lifted alright (which is very important) but their fingers are not shaking and yes, finally, it does not end in tears. Here is what I believe from the Word. God is not moved by your tears, He is not moved by your shaking fingers, nor is He moved by your uncontrollable shaking. Those are very nice experiences, believe me, I have them all the time but they are for the individual carrying out worship and not for God. So one can either be distracted by that and miss God or maintain focus in the midst of all that and be tremendously blessed. You're not blessed by your bodily experiences, you might even float on air but I dare say that means nothing to God. One might ask but aren't all those experiences coming from God. Well yes and no. Yes, cause the manifested presence of the Lord is very strong and the human body of a yielded spirit cannot resist. Then again, no because sometimes the Lord wants to get our attention but instead we would rather have the 'fleshy' feelings continue. Remember Elijah's encounter with God, remember all the thunderings, smoke, etc God wasn't in any of those things, they only announced His presence by default, but the Lord wasn't there. He was in the still small voice that deeply wanted to communicate something vital to Elijah. Praise God! Elijah was helped, otherwise, he would have danced in the smoke and forgot God, he would have worshipped, shaking and crying in the thundering and surely missed God. Then again, sometimes the Lord would rather not have His presence announced by anything but his voice. Remember Samuel, when God spoke to Him He didn't suddenly somersault and lie straight on the floor. Infact he was initially confused as to Who was speaking to him. Imagine if Eli was a man of the senses, he would have told him, if you didn't feel something or you were not surrounded by thick smoke, then it wasn't God, it was your head. Let's keep our minds focused on what really blesses us in worship and what our attitude should be as we worship. Keep your mind focused on God. That's why we have nice worship sound with the instruments and all that goes with it, it's all an attempt to fix your mind on God. The lyrics, the decorations in the auditorium, the dark room filled with bright coloured lights, all of this is to help your emotions connect with God.

Now, however you respond; tears or no tears, shaking or no shaking as long as you are focused you will be blessed. The blessing is not suddenly falling to the ground, and even if that should happen, the blessing is the inward witness that something of the spirit of God is happening in your life. The blessing are the words of the Spirit that you may receive. Hallelujah!!!!