Words to Power Your Month

Daily Confessions paths your Life for Unconditional success and victory, once done consistently and persistently.

Let's say this together:

I am full of wisdom

Wisdom rules my heart

Wisdom rules my mind

Wisdom rules my mouth

Wisdom rules my family

Wisdom rules my business

Wisdom rules my finances

Wisdom rules through me

I speak wisdom

I speak excellent wisdom

I speak excellent wisdom among them that are mature

The wisdom of God is at work in me

I can not be deceived

I am taught of the Holy Spirit

I have phronesis

I have the excellent wisdom of God

I have an excellent spirit

When I speak, I dissolve doubt

When I speak, I explain hard sentences

The Gospel spreads through my wisdom


Feel free to use the wallpaper below throughout this month for easy access to the affirmations. You can also download the wallpaper at www.davilanda.com/freebies

Have an amazing month.