Words to Power Your Week

Say this:

I am blessed.

I am full of divine health.

I am vitally strong and I’m an agent of change for my generation.

I deliver on my divine assignment.

I’m a yielded and a useful tool for the vision of Christ.

My eyes are opened, my spirit is set standing and my influence is increased.

I am a giver of answers to my generation.

I am the answer to the prayers of many.

My members are not few, I see many builders join themselves to my expanding enterprise.

The Lord has sent mighty men and women of peculiar gifting to me to help build the vision.

Men and women of rare wisdom come to me.

People of substance come to me.

The best of hands and the most resourceful people come to me.

The best of heart and the most faithful stewards serve in God’s army with me.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!