Your Locust Love

When you get into our fields and eat us up,

When all you think about is how you feel or what you get,

When everything is all about you,

You're always concerned about what we'd say about you or what we'd give to you,

When you swim in accolades and compliments but never give back,

When you just live for yourself.

Your love is locust-love!

You eat, you destroy and you leave!

You never give back,

You're never there for others,

You never help others,

You never give compliments.

All you ever think about is you!

I'm not sure what your experiences have been that has made you so locusty but I know it's a choice you can make to be a better you, an upgraded version where you give more than you receive.

Your friends might still stay with you for loves sake but how long would you eat them up?

I believe the best about you,

Temitayo A